Saturday, February 7, 2009


So I lied. One of my friends told me she tried to comment on my blog but it wouldn't let her since she doesn't have a blogspot account. I told her I had it set up so that anyone could comment. I just discovered that I was incorrect. But I fixed it so that anyone can comment....I think! So feel free to test it if you're bored. ;)

A friend of mine in Lynchburg noticed that Children of the World is coming to Liberty on February 18. She was under the impression that I would be there. Sadly, I will not, because we (the Central team) will be in Iowa. Lucky us ;) It's the East team that gets to be at Liberty. For all my friends in Lynchburg, try to make it to the concert. You will not regret it. 

Speaking of schedules. Thank you, Taylor, for typing this for your blog. Here's what we're up to in the near future. If any of you happen to be in these random towns, please let me know. :) 

Feb. 1 Spring, Texas 
Feb. 4 Kilgore, Texas
Feb. 6 Conway, Arkansas
Feb. 8 Searcy, Arkansas
Feb. 8 Cave City, Arkansas
Feb. 11 Neosho, Missouri
Feb. 15 Sioux City, Iowa
Feb. 18 Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Feb. 19 Marshalltown, Iowa
Feb. 22 Kansas City, Missouri (day off for Prava and me! Woohoo)
Still more cities to come in February...

March 6 Rogers, Arkansas
March 8 Lavaca, Arkansas (who names these cities?)
March 11 Ferguson, Missouri

March 12 Waynesville, Missouri
March 15 Bentonville, Arkansas
March 15 Prairie Grove, Arkansas

March 18 Little Rock, Arkansas
March 22 Owasso, Oklahoma
March 22 Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
March 29 Rio Rancho, New Mexico  (day off, hopefully)
Still more to come in March, as well...

On a random note, I watched the movie One Night With the King last weekend, and I learned more about the Esther story from that movie than I ever did from sunday school. I am ashamed to say it, but after watching that movie I realized how little I knew about Esther. So this past week, I've been reading it each night. It is so fascinating to me.  The girls spent 12 months getting "beauty treatment" before they were brought in to meet King Xerxes. Crazy! Also, I really wish I could ask God some Q's concerning the story of Esther; I think I'm failing to see the "true love" aspect of Esther/Xerxes' relationship. I just don't find anything romantic about the fact that he was attracted to Esther that night in his bed chamber (after he kicked his wife out of the kingdom for not obeying him) and then decided she'd be his new queen. I wonder if Esther loved Xerxes as the Bible instructs a woman to love her husband. These are all thoughts I've been pondering this past week. Yet, God's hand was over everything, and of course Esther saved her people because of her marriage to Xerxes. Don't get me wrong; I'm not belittling the story of Esther, but it's just not your typical "love story." God's ways are mysterious, though, which we all know! 

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