Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Adios, Texas!

After spending a majority of our time in Texas, we have said "Adios!" to the state for good. From now on, we will be slowly making our way towards the Eastern states, which greatly excites me (I get to see several familiar faces in the next few weeks!). In this last stretch of the tour, we'll be performing in Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, the D.C. area, Ohio, and New Jersey.

There's so much to update about, that I hardly know where to start.

Prava and I enjoyed a day off on Monday. Our hotel was snazzy for being a Holiday Inn (apparently they're revamping their look. I loved the decorating!)

The highlight for me was seeing one of my best friends since I was 14....I haven't seen Zack in three years, so it was awesome to catch up with him. He and his girlfriend (Marisa) drove two hours to spend the evening with me, which meant a lot. They live in Arizona but happened to be in Texas visiting relatives. Marisa is a sweetheart, and we hit it off instantly (chatting about our favorite books, hot tea, etc :) The three of us went to "Half Price Books" to browse. Surprisingly, I left the store without making a purchase (I didn't say I wasn't tempted ;) But I'm still reading "Jane Eyre" (I know my mom is happy to hear that I'm loving it!), and after that I have a list of other books to read.

Then we walked through World Market, followed by a yummy dinner at a Mongolian grill (Yum! I highly recommend it.) My favorite part of the evening was just sitting down, having thought-provoking theological conversations with Zach and Marisa. We exchanged opinions about topics such as "Can you lose your salvation? (ie, walk away from God)," "Do you have to be baptized to go to heaven?" etc. It was just a fun time with wonderful people.

Also over the weekend:
-A lady in Walmart asked me if Prava was my DAUGHTER. She's 19!!! Granted, she could pass for being a 12 year old....but do I really look like I'm 30??

-I saw "Seventeen Again" with Taylor, Prava, and Alan. Matthew Perry + Zac Effron were a funny combination. Cute movie.

-Our kids performed seven times in 24 hours at the same church. Kay Warren (Rick Warren's wife) was at the church for a conference, so we met her and got a photo taken. I'll be honest; I'm not a huge fan of Rick Warren, but she seems like a neat lady who has overcome battles with cancer and is still serving the Lord in great ways. [In this photo, Kay is in the back row wearing blue. Also, Noel and Cossandra--from the VA office--were visiting, so they're in the photo as well.]

I put numerous Easter photos in a Facebook album today, but here are a few.

On a random note, is anyone following this season of American Idol? I never have time to watch it when it airs, but I've gotten into it lately (watching the performances online.) I'm hoping either Kris or Danny wins. I absolutely loved Kris's rendition of my favorite Sinatra song, "The Way You Look Tonight." :) Adam just creeps me out, though he is a gifted performer.


Marc & Amy said...

Loved reading your update & I know you must be soooo sad to leave such a great state like Texas... :) And I cracked up about what you said about AI because I totally feel the exact same way!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, girl, I am THRILLED that you are enjoying one of my favorite English novels -- it's been a long time coming! Pride and Prejudice is next...then Wives and Daughters...North and South (the Elizabeth Gaskell book, not the tacky Civil War miniseries-thing)...Sense and Sensibility...oh, my, I could go on and on!
Loved hearing all about the recent activities. Seven performances in 24 hours??? Crazy! Can't wait to be one of those "familiar faces" you mentioned seeing in the next few weeks; I'm touched by the loving mention!! :-) Take good care of yourself, sweetie. Love you much, Mom