Sunday, July 5, 2009

The other teams...

Throughout the tour, our kids frequently talkd about their friends on the East and West teams...since I was not with them the first month they were in the U.S., I wasn't able to meet the other COTW kids until several weeks ago in VA. I had a wonderful time hanging out with and conversing with East's and West's team leaders, chaperones, and road crew guys. Everyone was awesome. Of course I took some snapshots...

Suresh and Suresh! These two are buddies from the same children's home in Nepal. (Suresh on the left was on my team...Suresh on the right was on East.)

Suresh (East team) stole my heart immediately. He's such a lover--always willing to give or receive hugs.

Boys will be matter what continent they're from!

Josh (road crew for East) and Blanca (from Guatemala)

This just makes me smile every time....all the Nepalis that were on tour

Making grass chairs (oh, the creativity!)

All the chaperones with Ugandan girls from a particular children's home

Tiffany (East team leader) with two of her adorable kids


Blanca (Guatemala)
Depesh and Suresh (Nepal)

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