Saturday, September 20, 2008

1st stop: Tennessee

Yesterday I began this journey by meeting the team in Tennessee.
I'll briefly tell you about the adults on the team, since I will be mentioning them I'm sure!

-Taylor and Jay are the team leaders, and they're married and in their mid twenties.
-Prava (19) and I are the chaperones for the team. She's from Nepal and is such a sweetheart.
-Alan (22) and Kory (22) are the tech guys. They run sound and help set up and tear down the stage.

We had a concert tonight, and we have two at the same church tomorrow morning. After that, we'll drive to Knoxville, Tennessee and do another show in the evening. We're spending the night with all the kids at a hotel tomorrow night, so that should be fun. Most of our kids are from Uganda, but three are from Nepal. They are all precious and have showered me already with hugs and kisses on the cheek.

During the concert tonight, I just kept thinking about how I used to love when Children of the World came to Liberty (while I was a student there.) I never would have imagined I'd have the opportunity to tour with them! I love singing along with them while they sing and dance, since I know the songs (I bought the CD last year :)

I think one of my favorite things ever is seeing kids from other countries praise the Lord with smiles on their faces.

Nkwagala! ["I love you" in Luganda, the language our Ugandan children speak.]


Sandy said...

Ashley.......what an awesome experience and opportunity this will be for you. I am certain God will grant you all kinds of wisdom, spiritual growth, hard times and fun times. But all in all, it will be God growing you into the women he wants you to be!!!!!
I'll be checking in with you blog. :)
Enjoy this special time in your life.
~Mrs. Morris

Erin said...

My dearest Ashley-
It hurts my heart when I think of how far away you are, but it fills my heart so much when I think of the amazing adventure you are on. Know that LU will never be the same without you. That being said, I am so excited about this opportunity you have. What a life-changing experience for you and the people you are working with. Your blog entry nearly made me cry as I thought of how perfect God's timing and preparation has been for you. You truly are a blessing for the organization you are with and the the Children of Hope. Nobody misses you quite like we do back here, but if I would entrust anyone to love you like you should be loved, it is the children you are ministering to. It sounds like they are already doing a great job. I can't wait to hear more stories as I'm sure they will come. I love you so much and am continuosly keeping you in my prayers!!!!!!!!!!

Janine said...

I can just imagine you singing along with them...:)

So glad to hear about you!

Keep on writing!