Saturday, September 20, 2008

The next chapter of life begins....

One of my fears is uncertainty. It is a constant battle to trust the Lord’s plans and that He will work everything out. This summer, I struggled every day with my future...I had no idea what I was supposed to do next. Last week, it became clear.

I’ll make a long story short: This past Monday, I found out that World Help hired me to travel with the Children of the World tour for the next 9 months!! I’m a chaperone to these precious kids, and I am so excited about this opportunity. I was placed on the “Central Team,” so we’ll cover states such as TN, MO, AL, OK, and TX (most of October will be spent traveling Texas!)

On Friday, four days later, I had to pack up my life and leave Virginia. Until June 2009, my life is spent on the road...sleeping each night in a host family’s home or sometimes in a hotel.

If you’re interested, check out some videos of the Children of the World choir here:

What’s the point of this “Children of Hope Tour?” you may ask. We are raising awareness of World Help, and we encourage people to sponsor a child. We travel to different churches and the kids put on concerts where they use their vibrant personalities to sing and dance. The money raised through this tour goes toward a current project: to build “Villages of Hope” in sub-saharan Africa–to help give shelter to AIDS orphans.

I would very much appreciate your prayers. This adventure will not be easy; I can tell it will be challenging and stretching. I miss some of you so badly that it hurts; it's painful suddenly leaving everyone I love. But I'm excited for this, and I want God to change me. I am so blessed to spend my days with thirteen amazing kids from Uganda and Nepal. Their lives are a reminder that no matter what you go through in life, there is hope found in Christ. Hence, they are Children of Hope.

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