Monday, March 16, 2009

Poor boys!

You know they're becoming Americanized when:

Me: Tomorrow is St Patrick's Day....
Ezera (In his thick, Ugandan accent): Patrick--from SpongeBob?

I just put my head in my hands and then ATTEMPTED to make him understand who the real "Patrick" is :)

Speaking of Ezera, he fell off a scooter this weekend and broke not one but three of his fingers. I spent Sunday morning in the Emergency Room with him to take x-rays, etc. He's been such a trooper through it all....the numerous changes of the ice bag, the pain, the splint, and the many dosages of nasty liquid medicine (which practically turns his face inside out!)

He's now with Gift and me in the host families, so I've been able to keep an eye on his injury. He's a typical boy and was outside today hitting baseballs one-handed! He's been quite giddy/loopy, thanks to the pain medicine.

Today was a much-needed, restful day with our incredibly wonderful host family in Fayetville, AR. We stayed home the entire day (which hardly ever happens!!) which was a blessing, considering that Gift came down with a fever today. You know Gift is sick when he hardly eats, is not his witty self, and when he willingly crashes in his bed at 8:30!

Hard to believe March is half over, with only 3 months left of the tour. I have a feeling it will fly by. I'm quite excited spring is on its way!


Janine said...
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Janine said...

Awww poor little guy! I miss you Ash, I always love reading your posts! :)