Saturday, March 7, 2009


"What are you afraid of?" I remember a gentleman asking me that question last August in a job interview. "The unknown," I replied. Thankfully, a few weeks later I landed this traveling job, which meant Ashley didn't have to worry about her unknown future anymore!! least for another 9 months.

Well the Lord loves to keep me on my toes, and you can bet I pray daily about what God has next for me--come June 18, when this tour is finished. I'm yearning for answers regarding the unknown in my life....

I want to encourage you today with an Elizabeth Elliot quote. I recently read her book, Passion and Purity, which was thought-provoking! These words have been playing in my mind the past few weeks.

"If the yearnings went away,
what would we have to offer up to the Lord?...
How would we learn to submit to the authority of Christ
if we had nothing to submit?"

Elizabeth Elliot wrote those words about the man she loved while they were separated for several years (until they were able to get married.) So she journaled those words in reference to romantic love. That's the background of the quote, but I think it's great encouragement for any area of our lives.

Pause for a minute and ask yourself, "What am I yearning for?" We all have something that we're wishing for. That we're hoping for. That we're constantly praying about. Even though those things can be burdening and possibly stressful, I am thankful that through prayer we are kept on our knees before the Lord.

Whatever is on your heart, give it to God today. I remember a college friend of mine always saying, "God loves to keep us desperate." Aren't those the times you feel closest to Him?

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