Sunday, March 1, 2009

Which side of Kansas City?

For the past week, I feel like we keep going back and forth between the "Kansas" side of Kansas City and the "Missouri" side of Kansas City. Right now we're on the MO side of the city...I think! I never thought I'd have to stop and think about what state I'm in--but this job does that to ya.

This morning I was sitting next to Yeshoda as the kids waited to go on stage. After staring into my eyes, she told me, "Auntie, your eyes look like kiwis!" She explained that since my eyes are green with a gold-ish circle towards the middle, that's why they look like kiwis. I'm not sure how I should take that....!

Here are some snapshots from last week. [Don't miss the previous post--such silly faces.]

Suresh looking glamorous. I'll confess that I was the one who used hair clips to give him those funky pony tails on top of his head---but just long enough to snap a photo! Then he quickly messed up his hair and ran off to play soccer (to feel masculine again!)

Taylor chose hair clips for the girls. L-R: I did Sarah's and Zurufah's hair, Prava did Rose's, and Taylor did Maria's. Cute, huh?

Matching Sarah! That headwrap belongs on her head for the concert, but I briefly stole it.

Snow!! Over the weekend, we had a sweet host family with two awesome teen girls. Kara (in the picture with Neha and Zurufah) is a high school student who recently applied to Liberty, so it was fun to answer her questions about the university.

Kara, Zurufah, and I before heading to a bball game Fri night. Neha opted to relax and play cards at home :) [I love the shirt, AJ!]

We trained these boys well--they give great massages! [Don't let this picture fool you. We're rarely THAT relaxed!]

[P.S. Happy birthday, Dad! I won't give away your age, but I think you look quite young still :) Wish I could be with you to help celebrate.]


Anonymous said...

Ashley, dear, I loved the "Which side of Kansas City?" entry which made me think of the '60s movie, "If It's Tuesday, This Must be Belgium." I just googled it and read its tagline: "Europe sent us Dutch Elm Disease, German Measles, and Russian Roulette. We sent them Whirl-wind Vacation tour #225. Now we're even." I think they do 10 countries in 18're not quite doing that frantic a pace, but close!!
Hummy and I laughed long and hard at the kiwi/eyes comment by Yeshoda -- why does it take a child to come up with the perfect similie?!!
Love you, honey...keep up the posts; we love them!

Anonymous said...

This is a little tangential but what kind of photo-editing program do you use, Ash?

In the meanwhile, I am so thrilled to hear of the ways that God is continuing to shape and mold your heart and life through this crazy, unique, exhausting, wonderful experience. Keep the stories coming!