Friday, October 10, 2008

"A Child's Prayer"

Our kids sing this song during their concert, and it's a great reminder of who we are helping on this journey...and my purpose for being here.
[Everytime I hear the kids sing it, I think of the little boy I sponsor in Kenya and wish I could meet him someday....]

I was alone, I was hungry
Would someone come, does anyone care?
Days would go by, no one to hold me
Longing for love, does anyone care?

Just like a dream you came to my rescue
Glad you weren't too busy to hear this child's prayer

You brought me hope
You brought me healing
You brought a smile into my life
With your loving touch,
My heart is mending
Here in your arms I'm resting tonight

Not just existing, now I'm living
My life has a purpose, my heart has a song
Days full of joy, nights warm and cozy
Nothing to fear, I'm no longer alone...

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