Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Texas, here we come

I'll be a temporary Texan for the rest of October. Right now we're on the tour bus heading to Wichita Falls, TX. [We have a handy little Sprint wireless card which allows us to get internet on this computer even when we're driving. So the kids are watching Air Bud and I'm taking a few minutes to blog.] 

In the next few weeks, we'll have concerts in SanAntonio, Dallas, Denton, Livingston, Kingsland, and other Texas cities. I've only spent two days in Texas--El Paso-- (after a youth group missions trip to Mexico) so it'll be fun to spend time in TX. 

I thought I'd post my address incase anyone wants to send mail ;) <----yeah I'll admit, that was a strong hint! 

World Help
Attn: Ashley Gillman
PO Box 501
Forest, VA 24551

For things that aren't letters, like UPS/Fed Ex, it would be sent to:

World Help
Attn: Ashley Gillman
1148 Corporate Park Drive
Forest, VA 24551

It would pretty much be amazing to hear from y'all via mail, but I know it's a hassle!

So I have a lot of time to read while we're traveling, and I want you all to recommend your favorite book titles. I'm reading "True Believer" and "Nights of Rodanthe" by Nicholas Sparks, and then I want to read "Crazy Love" by Francis Chan. But obviously I want to buy some more books...so recommend away! 

On a random note, I think this trip is making me never be tempted again by fast food. I'm sure Taylor, Jay, Prava, Alan, and Kory would agree. I've been to MickyDee's three times in the past week. I wish I had time to run (even though I don't enjoy running). I did, however, talk to my mom on the phone yesterday while walking a neighborhood for an hour. 

Everyone's healthy, so thanks for your prayers. Keep praying that God just opens peoples' hearts during the concert so we can keep giving hope to children around the world. 
Until next time...

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