Saturday, October 18, 2008

Dallas, TX

During my high school years I developed a love for Lonestar's songs, especially their hits such as, "Not a Day Goes By," "Front Porch Lookin' In," and "I'm Already There." Several of Lonestar's songs hold many memories for me and reminders of goodbyes...others are just fun, toe-tapping tunes.

Those songs were written by Richie McDonald, who was the lead singer for Lonestar until last fall. (He's now pursuing a solo career.)

He wrote a song for the Children of the World choir, and it's titled "Blessed Are the Hands." Our kids had the opportunity to sing it with him today at a Christian conference in Dallas, TX. (I posted a video on a separate blog post...) Afterwards, Richie sang several of his songs (like the titles I named at the beginning) which was awesome to hear. Before we left, I was able to meet him and thank him for his music. I also mentioned the "I'm Already There" photography slideshow project I did for photography class at LU.

Our kids during soundcheck: singing with Richie McDonald, former lead singer of Lonestar

Richie McDonald and me

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AJ said...

i am glad He didn't charge you for copyright of the song!