Friday, October 3, 2008

Photo post :)

I just wrote an update about the past week, so be sure to check that out. But here are some photos as well!

Last night's Japanese Steakhouse experience with our awesome host family. (Owen and his dad watching in awe.)
Little Owen with his new friends: Rose, Zurufaha, and Isaac.

This is Isaac, from Uganda.

That's Kendra (who I mentioned in the last post), whose family I stayed with for the past 3 days. Neha and Maria, from the choir, were also with us. And then Kendra's three kids are in the picture as well. All so sweet! 
Suresh is my cuddle buddy. He has a hilarious personality and is alwwwwwwaaayyys smiling, especially during the concerts. Here, you can see the "birthday cake" (3 months late, but that's ok ;) he made me with playdough. 
Sedalia, Missouri. There's a beautiful mural of Scott Joplin (father of Ragtime music.) 

Some of you know how much I love cats (<---completely sarcastic.) I'm also allergic to them. Anyway, I stayed at a family's house, and they owned the breed of cat which is the world's largest domestic cat. *shudder* So this picture shows Yeshoda (Nepal) and Suresh (Nepal) with Fluffy. Or whatever its name was ;) 

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